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Beyond HERB SKIN Water (Toner) 

So, good afternoon guys!

How are you doing?


Well, this will be my first blog reviewing!!

Yeay, I am a little bit excited. So yeah, well..

About last friday, I was going to TA (Taman Anggrek mall) with my friends and waiting several of them shopping and pass through Beyond Store in there..


Well, the store itsef is kinda clean, quite clear with discount products at storefront.

I like Beyond a lot, not that addicted, but I quite like their product to make me come back and buy again. At first time I bought their products, may be it is about last year? Or two years ago?


I was working at Central Park, and they have just opened their stores there (near Ibox and Carrefour) so it is kinda easily to noticed them. I bought their face and body mist. For me, they are quite cheap if you compare with Face Shop or Etude in local prince (in Indonesia). Face Shop or Etude become so expensive, so if I want to buy their products, I will think about several times before buying (usually I buy Etude online.. it is just become cheaper 😀 ), yeah back to Beyond.. because I think it is cheaper and they said their products are naturally based products (this made me interest!) and they have too many promos.. yeah, I am quite a shopper so I bought their products.


After trying their products, I become quite like it and came back again to buy their cushion. Price becomes about 200k about, cheaper than Etude’s bb cushion price (store’s price). But it doesn’t end well, I quite like it. But not that much. It is just me. It is good, but that thing is not my favorite. Haha..


And yeah at last friday, I saw their products. I have followed their instagram for months and turn on notifications of their posts and I put my interest in their Herb Skin Water.

I ask the storekeeper, what is Herb Skin Water?

She said, it is a toner with moisturizer. It cleans, small your pores and moisturize it. While I googled it, Beyond itself in Korea has 3 choices of Herb Skin Water: Green Tea, Rose Herb, and Calendula.


You can check link here:

And this is what I’ve bought.. 

*sorry for bad background lol

In Indonesia, they have just offers 2 of them, Rose Herb and Calendula. While their promos, you can buy their Herb Skin Water and get extra bonus tumblr.


Their Rose smells soft and sweet types. While Calendula smells like oranges, give you fresh fragrances. After trying them to apply to my hand to try it at my skin, I feel it is very soft. It moists. I like both fragrances, but I like Calendula more for the freshness fragrance at first. But after a while, I like Rose smell more. It smells really good.

I ask the storekeeper (consultant) there, what’s the difference between Rose and Calendula? She said, Rose moistures more while Calendula creates for more-oily-skin, because Calendula can control oil more than Rose.

I think, I still have Tea-tree-toner from The Body Shop in my home, so I do not need toner which oil control. Tea tree toner from TBS really can dry and control oil and dirty-skin LOL

Moreover, the consultant said the tumblr not going to resell if its sold and I really like Rose fragrance so I end up bought it. And she said, you can put it as a mist and then use it as a toner.

I tried the product at home and end up really like it!!!!

I do not regret and it worth my money. I like the smell while I am going to sleep.. I usually dont like smells at my skin (no matter how good it is), but I like this one. Soft smell.

I like Beyond fragrance usually. Really good.

And it really moists my skin well. It works and tumblr is really cute.

So just buy it!!! XD

I think I will repurchase it!

Btw, here is some pics of the bottle (bonus).. 

Sorry for non edited pictures.. and here the cover for the bottle.. (I got the bag for the tumblr too.. nah I dont know where it goes, later I will post photo here if I dont forget LOL)

And this is when I used it (blurred picture ^____^)

Pardon for my hands (the little fat fingers lol)

Thanks for reading.. 😀


Overall rating: 

Price – about 200k IDR

Moist: 5 from 5

Clean: 4 from 5.. you will put it a little bit much because of their thick testures.. 

Scent: 5 from 5.. I like soft scent

Freshness: 1 from 5, because of their thickness, the freshness almost doesnt felt in my facw


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