Beyond – Buy Cleansing Product and Get Free Cleansing Sponge


So, while I bought Beyond (herb skin water), I have also bought this one.. 

Nah, sorry for bad pic.. this is only what I’ve found in google (I’ll replace with the new one later).. 

So, I have not tried it, because I still using my old cleansing wash at home.. 

However, while I purchase this.. I wanna tell you that they have promo there.. 

This one.. 

I dont sure how this promotions will keep going. I didnt know about this promos, so I have just get extra sponge and happy. So I wanna spread the happiness haha!

However, I once using their cleansing wash, not the skinny pore ones, the “oh my moisture one”..

Yeah, this one.. first time I used their cleanser, I am gonna say I like it, wanna repuchase it but so sad, they said they wanna change its cover and dont know till when, this one not gonna show up in here, in Indonesia. I like this one, I think this is quite clean as a cleanser and also moisture. It is not gonna make your skin in face become so dry.. good one! I recommend you if you have dry face, then just try this one.. I can use this one for about 2 or 3 months.. so from price, it is worth.. 

Because I like “oh my” cleanser, I start to trust the deep pore cleanser and try to buy their other cleanser. I am gonna review it later after I have used it.. hahaa (and also the free sponge hihi) 
So.. I am not doing endorse here, 

I have just love several of their products. they are quite cheap and have too many promos.. 

Go get faster! 

See yah..


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