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The Face Shop – Rice Ceramide (Moisturizing Toner)

Hi.. back from me.. 

Today I will review another toner.. *sobs*.. 

I think I just love toner, right? 

Yeah, so this one is from face shop and I bought it from althea.. 
And check out the ingredient.. 

I do not know much about ingredients, but if it the face shop, I am quite believe their products wont hurt your face, wont danger it also.. hehe 

For a toner, I think it is quite worth with the price.. and the other thing is, it is quite clean your face. 

So yea, if you wanna try it.. I recoomend you to buy it.. 

You know what? I think my skin suits korean products better than western ones.. 
Overall Rating: 

Price: 55.400 IDR, but it is quite small about handy types, so ya price worth the size.. 

Moist: 5 from 5, it moists enough

Scent: 5 from 5, not my type but you will be tolerate it. Scent quite good and not strong for your face.. 

Clean: 4.5 from 5 

Freshness: 3 from 5, textures quite thick (as not much as from herb skin beyond water, but still quite thick) but it is quite fresh better than herb skin

Repurchase: yes!
So yea, c u! 


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