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Central Park with beautifully park for Christmas 2016

Hello, on Monday I was at central park – I mean is Central Park mall at West of Jakarta.. yeah so the story goes from when I walk through Tribeca Park because I want to go home.. 

Yeahhhh the Tribeca Park was designed really beautiful for the Christmas.. I think this one is better than last year.. 

It was so beautiful so I do really want to post it here.. 
Here are photos, so I will let you enjoy it.. 

Purpleeee! love it 💜💜💜

a little bit wet yet romantic *although i was alone there uhukuhuk*

Look at the christmas tree at back one.. yeahh the big one! It is so cuteeeeee 😗

Yihuu I love sparkling things at night.. so beautiful, so if this is so beautiful, how can I dont share it to nobody? 😄

It is very beautiful right? 

Yeaaa, it was wet, I know.. could not help with the drizzle, but it is quite worth for me to take this beautifully photos.. 

I love lights, you know… and this is so beautiful XD 

If you come from other countries to Indonesia, especially Jakarta, I think I want to promote my second home. yeah I mean sometimes Central Park seens as my second home lol 

It quites equipped with so many nice stores, restaurants (which a little bit pricey for me, but they are delicious!), good places to hang out and they have many events so if you wanna take photos there, it wont ashame you! haha I mean it will be good for your memories.. 
And as for many other events.. let me share you (if I still keep it in my stores).. 

Okayyy.. so this is me and my friend, pardon me.. hahaha 

Back is pond in Tribeca park.. 

And this is cute flowers which I captured and want to save, forget if this ones fake or reals lol

And this is the bridge.. so Central Park developer, creates another mall named Neo Soho right next of Central Park. And this bridge connect Central Park with Neo Soho.. 
You can go to Neo Soho through the tunnel between them two.. 

And this lantern.. I guess these photos were from Chinese New Year events.. at Tribeca Park also.. 

Sorry to say, Tribeca Park is park in Central Park mall. Central Park is not real park, it is just a mall named Central Park and it has the real park named Tribeca. 

The lanterns are so cuteeeeeee!

And this is palm inside the mall, near Lumina lobby.. it is cute and have a little bit beach accents so I wanna capture it in my memory hohoho

And these bunnies are too cute so I wanna have photos with them. Actually I want to capture them only without my face, but I dont have it.. so by guess, I think at that time, it was too crowded so I didnt have a chance to take photos of these 2 cute bunnies only.. 
So this is the end of the post.. 
Review rating: 

Event at CP: 5 from 5, too many! From midnite sale, events with cute decoration and so on. Sometimes I just dont take photos because too lazy lol

Pricey: 3.7 from 5, yes.. restaurants are quite pricey, bazzaar also pricey, boutiques are pricey lol.. make up? it goes same with every mall

Complete: 4.5 from 5, although a bit pricey.. you can hang out here. Many kind of restaurants are here, from Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Desserts are here. Blitz itself quite big so they have many studios and you can watch movies you like. And stores are also quite complete too. What they dont have is a cheap store with worth quality lol.. 

Overall are good, they have cinema, bookstore, restaurants, cafes, coffee shop, department stores, retail stores, and so on.. just try go there.. I am myself quite addicted to go to CP.. that is how I called Central Park.. 
Okay.. story end here, 

see you next time 😚


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