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Moana – Movie Review


Back with me here, reviewing something..

So yeah, I do really want to type this from pc but I am in office and that will be a little bit unappropriate, so here I am..
I do really want to review this movie.. although it is a bit late *uhuk*..

I remember I have said in my blog, may be in “me and my blog”.. I said I will review everything I like here..
So about Moana,

The good things are..

I dont mind spending 30k IDR to watch this in cinema.. I dont understand my friends (but I accept them well)..

So here are the stories, they said they will accompany me to watch Moana but at the end, they are busy and suddenly said lazy to watch it..

So, it is all my decision to watch Moana.. watch it alone (because I dont want to be complicated more to find friends who will accompany me)..

I heared my friend’s review, said she like Moana more than Frozen..

I remembered I watch Frozen in cinema and I thought if this animation will be that good, watch it in laptop wouldnt be satisfied. So based on this opinion, I thought I should decide I want to watch this or not yesterday.

Actually I was a bit sleepy, lack of sleep because I watched Mockingjay part 2 the night before until 1 A.M and it hasnt still finished.. but if I postponed again to watch Moana, I think I will be lag of this “moana season”..

So I search and read review, want to compare it with Frozen.. honestly, I am not a Frozen fans myself, but I would say it was a good movie.. because I can see where the story will be going in Frozen, so I couldnt say I was enjoying it that much (and because I forgot to bring my eyeglasses that day, blame me!!!)..

Yeah.. so I am looking for which one better but I didnt find the answer, end up my feeling said, yes my feeling.. it said this one will be good, and yeah since the beginning I saw this trailer I have already like it.. I like the baby Moana.. so I have decided to watch it (ALONE!)

Actually I dont care if I have to watch it alone (oh really feb?).. yes! I dont care. I dont get bother if I do really want something, I should go and grab it. That doesnt mean I dont have friends, but it is just being understand my friends and being consider of myself to get some entertain.. lol

So well, my office hour ends at 5.30 p.m. and I’ve bought tickets for 5.50 p.m.

Call me crazy? Yesh, yesh!! Lol..

So, the place is not that far from my office, but can not say that it’s that close. And there were jobs that I have to fix it at about 5.15 p.m. yesterday, and I hurriedly finish it. Luckily, before I should fix that job, I’ve said to my boss I need to go home on time because I want to watch Moana.

So, in sum, I had only about 15 minutes to go down to lobby ground floor of my office, and cross over the road and walk to the cinema. Usually, it will take about 15 to 20 minutes, but I only may have 10 minutes more to go there before 5.50 p.m. So I walked very fast (until I couldnt feel my legs more) and I finally reached my sit and sit there beautifully and tiredly. LOL. People already sat there, right at left and right of my seat, they were wondering if I was really sitting there and yes.. I was sitting there.. lol

Luckily, I sat there on time, still have time to watch other trailers and disney short movie first. The short movie was quite good.

I could say, Moana is pretty good. Awesome.

I like the story, the meaning behind the story, I think it’s destined to “more adult” people than elementary ones. However, it is really good.

The animation is really good, I like the sea, I like the friendship stories, I like everything lol.. 

I mean Moana is seemed like a girl in reality, her curly hair, her big eyes, aww she is really cute. 

The meaning to learn who you are and go for what you’re destined to, give me some motivations. Thats why I dont feel this movie is for child like. Because I am, 25 y.o can accept this meaning well. 


Rating from me: 

Story: 8.9 from 10

Animation: 9.3 from 10

Dubber voice: 7.5 // too soft? I dont know why, I just think it will be better if it sounds more husky, or stronger or more powerful. It doesnt mean their voice bad ya.. It means I hope more powerful voice (or whatever lol)

Songs’ lyrics: 9.5 from 10 // lyrics are good, with deeply meaning. Easy to sing too.. 

So.. end of this blog, I just hope the goddess face wouldnt be like Moana. lol.. 

I dont regret any single thing from watching this, it worth my efforts although I feel so sleepy while I was going home because so-lack-of-sleep. 

Plus, the baby Moana and the water and the pig are d.a.m.n so cute! You should watch it in cinema! I like the Hawaiian feel, the sea feel.. it is so damn good🙋

Happy watching!




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