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Merry Christmas 25th December 2016


I hope it is not too taking that long time to another post again..

I have a lot of reviews, I just dont have that much time (OHHHH.. you are just dont want to give posts in your so little tiny times.. no, no guys, I usually do really to take a rest while I can, but I promise you several posts after this one post.. haha) 


I hope this is not too late to say christmas ya!



What should I wish for you, guys?

I hope you guys enjoying more reading my blogs (my reviews.. hehe, who am I to review? I am just an ordinary girl, thinking perfectionist as in side for customers, so other will be feel helped before they buy things/ try something which is related to my posts)..


However, today the priest in church tell us to face 2017 with the new me, new better me.

The theme is embracing the change, to feel more blessed. Yeah, you can’t postpone the change and you dont change for several times and then back to old yourself..

Good quotes, huh?

I have drafts about 13 things I want to be posted, I will post it one by one later (so I will give you chance to read all of my posts one by one, lol I am so confident ya, but being confident is a good thing, right? hehe)

Sst.. me is in the mirror lol 


Wish you all a MERRY, merry Christmas..

Hope you will feel the glory and happiness of Christmas and enjoying and also sharing it with all closed people you love..


God bless..


See you in another post,


from Me who is typing this one from here,


Febio Oditta




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