Taman Anggrek · Taman Anggrek Mall · West Jakarta

Taman Anggrek Mall – Celebrating Christmas 

Good night, so random thing is I think I have already post this one but still not yet..

I am looking it in my current posts but it is not there, I am looking for it in my drafts but it is not there so I am thinking I am going to give up about this post and then I found it in my-local draft of my handphone- so I have just know, if you create some post in your drafts in WordPress app, it wont be saved as drafts in web 😦 sadly I have to post this one now, because I want to type it from my notebook (too tired to type it from my handphone)..


So I want to tell you, I think it is already several weeks of this shopping center to put this decorations here, it is cute so I want to post it..



Yeah it is beautiful and I just want to sharing it with all of you, guys?

I think it is just the mall’s efforts for taking more visitors, but yeah..

I dont think I want to promote here (they dont pay me to promote too, lol).. but this is just my sharing..


This shopping center is good for shopping..

In Taman Anggrek Mall (may be if you want to translate it into english, their name will be Orchard Garden Mall lol).. you will see many boutiques with quite affordable prices, many options for shopping and I quite like the designs sometime (I mean the fashion options here)..

and you will see many skin care options here, from salon to skin care stores.. and the prices for food, somehow quite cheaper than in Central Park mall.. (they are side by side, oh I dont know how to type this one in English.. so yeah we always compare them haha)

What I dont like from this mall, is this one if you see them like you see a map, I think they look like Jakarta lol..

They have 2 center of malls, with many lanes, and if you dont really pay attention, you will skip “may be many of good stores in lanes”.. I think they asked you to walk around here and there, well I dont say it is a bad things, but this is just not my styles.. yeah so with their lanes, I think I’ve missed several good stores which I have just knowing it in my next coming.. 😦

I could say, many good boutiques put in their lanes, so be careful guys for not to miss it..


Anyway, this is already late at night and I think I want to watch something so, just wanna say goodbye to you..


See you 😀

(I want to type “love you” here, but it is just so awkward so I will just leave it lol)


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