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Garnier Sakura White – Pinkish Radiance Ultimate Serum


I am back to writing this one..

So, today I’m gonna review this product.. Actually about 1 or 2 months ago, I’ve bought this one on Guardian and with curiousity about this product for several days before..

I think I was quite ignorant for myself for months and I see that my face become “gak karuan” or what you should called it? Worsen..

I go everyday to office by bike, without sunscreen.. yeah with helm and mask, but without using sunscreen.. can you imagine what my face would be?

Hm.. I’ve used this product for several days in several weeks..
I am not a routine person, but if I want to see the result, I have to tried to..

So, I try..

My face became dull after days without cream, without sunblock..

So I was using this one at night.. because as I knew (from several blogs and what people said).. the absorption of face products will be better at night, so I use it at night..

Please just take a look only at Garnier things.. 

The pump is good.. slowly, contents increasingly risen nearly the lid.. actually, it pretty hygiene.. 

At first, my face which usually does not use any products, become a little bit hot.. I give it a chance for 2 days, to adjust my face with this product and vice versa.. I dont see any bumps from using this, especially because I guess this products more-a-gel-type, not cream type so I dont think it contains “many oil” to make your face will be having bumps enough of using this product..

It works actually, my face become more “white”.. my redness diminished (if get some hot).. I dont know if your redness of face diminished, will be good progress or no, because at first my face does not red, but after using some ERHA products, it naturally become red if biased by sun.. I mean, even after I stopped using ERHA, still my face will easily get red after biased by sun shines hahahaha

Well, the redness decreased, my face become more white in a healthy type of white..

It says, it moist enough but I dont think so.. It moist, but not “so much moist” because after using the products about 2 or 3 hours, I can see the little crack of my skin here and there…


So as whitening product, it is good enough.

As pinkish whitening, I am not agree because like I’ve said it reduced my redness of my face. And I dont see my face become pinkish somehow.. hahaha


As a review:

Price: 3 from 5, as it works, it is quite good, quite cheap.. and I dont think it danger your faces..

As a whitening: 2 from 5, many bloggers said it good, but from me, I dont think so.. if you have a bad face because you are quite ignorant with your face while doing sports and your face got exposed to the sun, it will restore your face to your first skin tone (your baby skin tone).. as a whitening, my expectation is to make my face brighter than my real first skin tone..

As a healer: 5 from 5, because as I said, it make your skin color back to your first back skin tone.. I am using it now to revert my skin which last month attached with hot oil, actually it works.. slowly, but with progress.. you are using this night, tomorrow the skin will be better..

Danger: 0.5 from 5, from my skin, it is not danger.. it is quite good

Recommended: 4 from 5, yeah if you want to buy something cheap enough but works, I suggest you to buy this one..

Re-purchased: 2 from 5, if I need it as a healer, I will buy again later.. after I’ve finished this one..


Overall Rating: 3.5 from 5

So here is my review, enjoy..


See you

(and by the way, Happy New Year 2017!!!!!!)..



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