Nature Republic – Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel


so I am telling you that my face is quite dry lately, it always like look cracked.. sad, yes!!!

So, I am searching what moisturizer will be not pricey, works, and I hope it does not have  “creamy/ oily” texture..

So one day, without any intention, I open one of line shopping and see this product and find several reviews about it.. I find this product well has “fake product” because may be of its goodness.. so I am being aware enough before buy this product, I hope I buy the original one..

The Shop Names: Lovey Dovey ( I dont know how to add it, I’ve just found it from My Line timeline, see it, and add it as friend when I see this product..)

Price is 69K IDR, not that pricey, as you can see you get so many contains there..

The smell is good, not too strong..

*pardon my hand*

Gel based, because it based on 92% aloe vera..

I am quite taken aback as I see this product contain alcohol and I guess this contain alcohol quite much.. (I will tell you later while I am having this on my mind)..

At first using this product, I find my face feel a little bit “dry”.. Weirdly, because this is a moisturizer product, right?

So I want to know, if this product which I have bought is original or fake, but it is original.. luckily, I can trust the shop (because I’ve seen they selling other brands’ products and prices quite make senses..)

You can feel “nature republic letters one the opener, I dont know if the fake ones like this too or not”

So, why dry? Because I think it contains quite much alcohol..

Alcohol makes the product hygiene (because it does not have any spoon) and if you are using many alcohol (as toner or other products) on your face too much, it will drain your skin.. as I feel dry enough, I am quite not sure to continue this product..

Well, I try for several days, what I really like about this product is “the cool sensation feeling”.. it freshen up your face (as one said, alcohol from toner give refresh feeling).. so I am quite sure this is one of alcohol effects lol..

After using for several days, I think it quite moistures, but quite slowly moisture..

When I was using it for my hair, I dont think my hair will become more soften, I guess it “soften in its own way, but somehow I feel it drain” lol..
So this is the review:

Price: 2 from 5. Good. You can get many from this tiny price.

Moisturizer: 2 from 5. It is not working in me, I will empty this one and replace it with another products..

Re-purchased: 1 from 5. I dont think so. But if you wanna use it as body mositurizer, I suggest you can..

Recommended: 2 from 5. As a body moisturizer, yes. For face using, no..


So, I will see you nex time..

Bye.. hehe


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