eff-ohh and me

Eff-Ohh comes from my initial names, F and O. 

F-O, the way you read it will sound eff-ohh. 

So, why F.O? 
Sorry, I have not introduce myself yet. 

My name is Febio Oditta. In my longer name, my name is Febio Oditta Langgeng Kasih. 

So, why F.O since you have 4 names? It could be F.L or O.L or O.K or *you can combine this 4 initials as you like* lol 

Yeah, I think to start writing again, like writing a blog, I need to have a little bit commitment, a little bit efforts, and so on and so on. I have created some blogs which I am not seriously doing..

So.. The way we read eff-ohh will be sound like “effort” right? yeah, in hope this wil be my efforts in writing a blog, which I hope it wont be stop till I die! Seriously, till I die! 

Okay, so eff-ohh itself will be like mind reading? mind walking? Mm.. how should we called it? yeah.. it will be sharing of a lot of my opinions. 

Opinions in what febi? 

Yeah Febi is my nickname.. 

Well, I do like musics, I listen to western songs, korean, japanese, and sometimes Indonesian if I am in the mood. 

I also like Japanese dorama, K-drama, and hollywood if I am in the mood. 

I also do a lot spending *read: waste* my money in skin cares, medicines, make ups, etc2.. 

I also enjoy trying new restaurants, new foods, new recipes, new apps *read: android apps*, and yeah.. if I am interested enough with one food, I will try to make it at home! 

So what will eff-ohh about? 

I will share my opinions here, in everything. Everything means everything I am interested. Since I have so many things I am interested, *but I dont take it seriously ๐Ÿ˜ฆ * so.. I will save my opinions here, share my reviews.. 

Hope it will be useful for all readers. 

Well, eff-ohh will be in Indonesian and English. 

Actually, I am a girl who like dancing, shopping, eating, spending time with my besties, observing, and yeah.. writing. 

But why are you writing now? Why dont you start it since long time ago if you like writing? Since writing created money, right? ups. lol 

I do like writing since a long time ago, elementary school may be? I wrote stories but it was a long time ago.. I have made my junior-high-school-magazine.. but yeah… hahaha heh it is not that bad yeahhh.. 

Yeah, I have been thinking about writing again. Making blogs. But for years, I have been thinking about what should I put in my blogs? It pauses me from blogging well..

Until I am more conviced about myself, about what I am about, what I do like to share in my social medias, and so on and so on.. so I am finally have this idea, choosing blogs and themes, and I want to start writing again.. 

I have loved to share my opinions in something. I am myself also, a person who likes to find reviews about a or about b or about c, so yeah.. reviews mean experiences.. It will be good to have reviews from your friends about one thing or two thing you wanna buy.. so yeah, why not? 

By reviewing, this will be helps people right? 

I will be review in everything I like, I want to know, or what I’ve done doing.. yeahh 

By the way, I am from Indonesia and my blog will be in Indonesia and English. It depends on my mood and also my posts. haha yeah I am a moody person. Not exactly still moody *like crying and then laughing and then angry = it is not moody febi! it is crazy! haha*.. I am moody in the way I am doing something.. 

And I have a little bit interest in psychology, may be stuffs like DISC or MBTI.. 

I am not a person who likes to learn, but I am quite want to know in everything although not in deeply mode. hehe

By the way, in blogging I am still a learner.. and I know my English is limited *not that good!* so yeah, I am trying. If my English or even Indonesian bad, please forgive me and teach me *patiently* and remind me.. hehe 
Thanks for reading! 

Nice to know you~ โ—ยคโ—